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We change the world by investing in the latest green technologies in the renewable energy sector and conducting technologically advanced research aimed at developing innovative medicinal products in the field of holistic medicine that will improve the quality of life of societies around the world.

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Meet Mcan

Mcan as a project focuses on 3 paths of development. The main ones are Mcan Bio and Mcan Eco, whose activities are to focus on the development and investments in renewable energy sources and alternative medical treatments. The third element is Mcan Gaming, which was created with the community in mind. The platform is a place where every Mcan user can spend their time.

Mcan Bio

Innovative solutions in the field of holistic medicine - supporting traditional treatment.

Mcan Gaming

A platform that provides 30,000 online games and earning opportunities to McAN users.

Mcan Eco

Advanced  technologies from the renewable energy sector and energy efficiency in construction and everyday life.

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Our mission

  • The company specializes in renewable energy technologies, energy-saving construction and holistic medicine based on medical cannabis, improving the quality of everyday life, as well as the standard of care for patients whose medical needs are difficult to meet.

  • By building a photovoltaic power plant, Medican Ltd. invests in the production of ecological and low-emission electricity, which will be introduced into the National Power System, which will contribute to ensuring energy independence for local public institutions and residents, and thus - the possibility of reducing the costs of energy obtained so far from external suppliers.

  • In addition, thanks to cooperation with teams of scientists and advanced production technologies, with the active support of the scientific community and research on innovative methods of holistic treatment of severe neurological diseases, Medican Ltd. develops areas of natural medicine not yet available in many countries, including Poland.

  • The aim of the research is to improve the pioneering technology used in the treatment of, among others, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, HIV / AIDS and many other chronic diseases, with CBD-containing plant products to improve patients' quality of life and alleviate their pain.

  • In addition, the company supports the scientific community that conducts social research, the main goal of which is to obtain patents for genetic substances, and then make them available free of charge to those in need in the holistic aspect of human life.

  • The company's mission is to introduce and disseminate innovative, unique methods of treatment that give chances for health to people around the world, as well as provide them with better living conditions in the spirit of holistic treatment and approach to people.

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