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Bonuses for Chivo wallet users

Zaktualizowano: 7 lis 2022

Additional perks for citizens who will benefit from crypto. The President of El Salvador is promising lower fuel prices for Chivo wallet users. The legal changes introduced recently in El Salvador are closely watched all over the world. President Nayib Bukele, in order to popularize paying with cryptocurrencies in everyday life, proposed price cuts for everyone paying for fuel at stations and using the Chivo government wallet. Each user will be able to save approximately $ 0.20 per gallon. The decree signed by the president is to introduce changes to gas prices by stabilizing them thanks to the state fund. Unfortunately, this amount will increase, but, as the president declares, only "slightly". “The government will absorb the increases that will take place in the international market for a year. If there are reductions, they will be passed on directly to the price of LPG cylinders for consumers. " we read on the president's Twitter. Gas for households will continue to be subsidized by the state, despite the changes, this aid will not be reduced. According to the president, "this will not only calm the pockets of households but also small businesses, helping to strengthen our economy, and the most vulnerable sectors will also benefit from the economic growth that our country has." "Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Says Citizens Paying for Gas With the Chivo Wallet Will Get a Discount"

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