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Hemp: How Does It Affect Our Productivity?

Zaktualizowano: 7 lis 2022

Recreational use of cannabis does not affect productivity at work. Research by San Diego State University shows that leisure time use of cannabis workers does not adversely affect their performance, but positively affects their ability to cope with stress. Dr. Jeremy Bernerth, professor of management at San Diego State University's Fowler College of Business and co-author of the study, suggested that using cannabis after hours could actually increase employee productivity. “People who choose to consume cannabis after work may be able to distract from stressful problems at work. Cannabis-induced relaxation can help employees regain their energy used during the day, and when they return to work, they can come back more willingly! ". Bernerth said in a statement. Jack Walker, professor of management at Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University, joined Dr. Bernerth in a study that included 281 employees, their immediate supervisors, and "civic behavior" or their willingness to voluntarily help the company or their associates. Participating staff and supervisors were recruited through social media and with the help of university business students. A declaration of cannabis consumption was not required in the past. Subjects were asked about the frequency and duration of cannabis use in relation to their job shifts. Managers were asked to evaluate the performance of their employees' tasks, civic behavior and any activity detrimental to work. The study's author added that since the analysis found no negative effects of post-work cannabis use by workers, organizations will be "under heavy pressure to provide legal justification for continuing a policy to ban all forms of cannabis use." This is the first study in approximately 20 years to look at the effects of marijuana on the productivity of employees who use it in their spare time. "SDSU Professor Finds After-Hours Cannabis Use Has No Impact on Workplace Performance"

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