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MedicanCoin Solutions

Our Solutions

Renewable Energy Sources

The company specializes in renewable energy technologies, energy-saving construction and holistic medicine based on medical cannabis, improving the quality of everyday life, as well as the standard of care for patients whose medical needs are difficult to meet.

Innovative Methods of Holistic Treatment

By building a photovoltaic power plant, Medican Ltd. invests in the production of ecological and low-emission electricity, which will be introduced into the National Power System, which will contribute to ensuring energy independence for local public institutions and residents, and thus - the possibility of reducing the costs of energy obtained so far from external suppliers.

CBD Meds

The aim of the research is to improve the pioneering technology used in the treatment of, among others, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, HIV / AIDS and many other chronic diseases, with CBD-containing plant products to improve patients' quality of life and alleviate their pain.


In addition, the company supports the scientific community that conducts social research, the main goal of which is to obtain patents for genetic substances, and then make them available free of charge to those in need in the holistic aspect of human life.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We integrate with your ecosystem And we are able to manage your assets in-house With a large team and a huge project Our customers are constantly using and understanding it And we are extremely responsive Our work is built to solve problems for the global public

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